Roxsure Insurance Brokers understands that personal insurance provides protection for both your large investments and those items you hold dear to your heart.

The personal approach that is our signature underpins the quality, clarity and transparency that characterise our communications with our clients and remains a priority throughout our dealings, from outlining new cover details to nursing a policy holder through the difficult time of a claim through to payout.

An easy definition for personal insurance cover is ‘everything that you own that is not linked to anything commercial’. This would include a house and its contents from watches and jewellery to cell phones, motor vehicles, all risks, personal accident and personal legal liability

Our hands-on approach calls for a one-on-one meeting with the client to go over everything in detail. However in these stressful and busy times the client may not have the time so we have an excellent system for interacting by phone and online.

It is imperative to have correct values determined upfront and to this end vehicle inspections and asset surveys are processes we have designed to give you complete peace of mind – to ensure you are covered.

A thorough risk analysis survey to ensure you are insured for the correct amount and do not face a shortfall in the event of a claim is part of our services. These services are free or charged-for, depending on the circumstances.

At all times we do things to your best advantage, as an example, streamlining our claim process relating to motor vehicles is a priority, considering the significant inconvenience such an event has on our daily routine.


We are able to leverage from our excellent business relationships with suppliers and manufacturers to reduce the time this process normally takes and within 12 hours of a claim being made it is registered and the paperwork issued. In less than 48 hours we will have quotes back on the vehicle and in 72 hours will make the assessment. Our aim is to have claims authorised and finalised within seven days and in close collaboration with the client we successfully meet our high turnaround standard 90 percent of the time.


Roxsure Insurance Brokers has been able to pass benefits back to policy holders by keeping fraudulent claims to a minimum. This impacts positively and secures the stability of our approach for your benefit and has resulted in the Brokerage being able to offer extremely competitive premiums in a partnership that works for all.


The personal touch is our priority in ensuring you benefit as our valued client. Dedicated personal consultants meet with you at your convenience – day or night – to answer any queries you may have regarding your claim.


If your vehicle or company vehicle is involved in an accident (regardless of who is driving) you must notify Roxsure Insurance Brokers immediately and follow the procedures below established and required by the insurer.


Things to remember in case of an accident,


  1. If the vehicle is not driveable, phone the Roxsure assist line – 0861769787 for the AUTHORISED towing service
  2. Get all third party details
  • Name & Surname
  • ID Number
  • Telephone Number
  • Home
  • Work
  • Cell (Check this number by phoning back)
  • Home Address
  • Work Address
  • Email address
  • Vehicle Registration Number
  • Licence Disk Number
  • Take photographs of the disk on the front windscreen
  • Take photographs of all damages to your vehicle
  • Take photographs of all damages to other vehicles involved in the accident
  • Take photographs of the scene of the accident and include photographs of any road signage that is immediate and relevant to the accident


Should there be independent witness(s), please get their details


  • Name
  • Contact details
  • Email address

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